• Welcome at Raneen
    Welcome at Raneen

    It is a non-profit organization aims in creating a comprehensive educational methodology that focuses mainly on developing the listening skills among children in time where visual communication channels have impacted and lessened their communication skills. “Raneen” seeks ambitiously to contribute in the creation and development of a conscious young generation that have the necessary skills in life, especially communication skills, constructive thinking, self-awareness, appreciation, and initiative leadership.
    Raneen believes that change commences with education

  • Audio Stories
    Audio Stories

    These stories are dramatically produced with music and sound effects with voice over of professional actors and children, ranging from international tales, tales of popular and authentic human heritage and contemporary stories by Arab writers specializing in children's literature, these stories convey a range of human and educational values such as: belonging to the home country and love of the earth, accepting oneself, accepting the other, tolerance, solving problems peacefully, rejecting injustice, rejecting bullying and promoting the spirit of teamwork. Also these stories tackles human and child’s rights.

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