Rawan Barakat 

  Born in March 3rd, 1986 - Amman, started volunteering in the social field in 1997 when was 11 years old with the Jordanian Children's parliament. Began studying theater with the known drama school in Jordan that belongs to "The National Center of culture and Arts" 1999-2002.

During childhood, had participated in many conferences in the fields of human and children rights, and represented Jordan world wide.
In 2004 majored Theater Arts at the university of Jordan , and graduated in 2008, to be the first Arab blind girl to study theater arts. Then worked in many plays as an actress and director.

In 2009 worked as a drama trainer for children, then founded Raneen Foundation "Raneen is a non profit foundation" which aims to develop the listening and communication skills for children, and educational methods.

Prizes and honoring:
2009 - King Abdullah Award for Youth Innovation and Achievement
2011 - Arab Social innovator Award - Synergos
2014 - Ashoka fellowship
2015 - Order of Al Hussein for Distinguished Contributions of the Second Class for her voluntary work
2015 – Takreem Innovation in Education Award

 Ayman Awadallah thumb


-Bachelor's degree in Arabic language - Yarmouk University. He worked as a teacher and educational expert for nearly 33 years at the UNRWA.
April 2018) He worked as a delegate member of the International Relief Agency for the National Centre for Curriculum Development - Jordan within a working group to review and develop the general framework and outcomes of the Arabic language curriculum.
-Member of the Evaluation Board for the Queen Rania Al Abdullah’s Award for the Distinguished Teacher, for the Years 2019-2020.
-He has extensive experience in teacher training and preparing training packages.
-He joined Raneen training team in 2019, and is supervising: Raneen audio story course, an educational tool.


 Dr. Mahmoud Abu Farwa Al Rajbi thumb

Dr. Mahmoud Abu Farwa Al-Rajbi - Member of Raneen’s Training Team.

  -PhD in Media from the Lebanese University - Beirut.

--A writer and journalist with more than 66 books in Arabic and English.
-Children's writer for Majid magazine.
-He has more than 25 years of experience in training of trainers’ field.
-He worked as a program manager at Hayat FM Radio.
-Head of the Digital Media Department at the Middle East University.
Dr. Mahmoud’s achievements also contributed to enriching Raneen’s content, as he wrote many of its stories, including: (The Giraffe’s Company for Happy Dreams, the wolf only gives birth to a wolf, a hero other than all heroes) and contributed to the vocal performance in the sixth story group, and also contributed in the development of Raneen’s training guides and content. He has worked as a teacher’s trainer with Raneen since 2012 until now.


 Nour Al Disi thumb Nour Al-Disi - Member of Raneen’s Training Team
  Jordanian theatre director. She holds a bachelor’s degree in directing and acting from Yarmouk University. She directed a number of plays for youth and children with Jubilee Schools, Women’s Union and Abdul Hameed Shoman’s Foundation. She has experience in education for more than 14 years at the Jubilee School and Terrasanta School. She also worked with Raneen as a voice actress and drama trainer.
 Mais Irqsusi thumb

Mais Irqsusi – Co Founder

 is a leader, organizer, and educator. She is the Executive Director of the Leading Change Network, and is the founder and executive director of Community Organizing Europe, where she works with organizing and leadership development at a number of European based unions and civil society organizations. She serves on the boards of the three organizations whose initiation and growth she has meticulously supported over the years: Ahel, Raneen, and the Arab Education Forum. Mais is passionate about leadership development and is determined to support changemakers to organize and lead campaigns that change unjust systems and strive for human rights and freedom. As a practitioner and champion of the community organizing framework, she has worked thoroughly on its localization in the Middle East and Europe and coached over 15 campaigns in different contexts to organize for change. She has also designed and ran over 100 workshops on narrative, organizing and leadership in various contexts. In 2011, Mais co-founded Ahel organization in Jordan, bringing organizing to the Arab world. During the six years she was co- leading Ahel, she succeeded in cementing both the practice of organizing and Ahel as a leading institute for civic change within the Arab world. In the four years prior to her work with Ahel, Mais led the programs of the Arab Education Forum developing and leading projects on youth empowerment, community education, and cultural regeneration across the region. In 2010 co-founded the organisation Raneen, an audio library initiative for children. Mais has a BA in management information systems and a Masters in Business Administration MBA from (NYIT). She is a certified PMP project manager and has an Executive Education from Harvard University in Leadership, Organizing and Action (LOA). She is originally from Jordan, is married to a Palestinian, and currently lives in Sweden. In her spare time, she loves to battle the waves of a raging ocean. She has a three year old daughter Ebba, who is the other spark in her life.
 Lena Barakat thumb

Lena Barakat – CO-Founder

 Born 9/30/1974و She holds a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts - Music from Yarmouk University in 2000. She has worked in the field of education for more than eight years, representing Raneen in a number of local and international conferences.

She is currently working in Raneen as an Executive vice president.


 Khuzama Abdul Karim Al Rasheed thumb

Khuzama Abdul Karim Al-Rasheed - Member of Raneen’s Training Team

  -She holds a BA in History from Ain Shams University and MA in Media from Cairo University.

- worked in the Ministry of Education as a teacher and principal in the schools of the Ministry of Education.
- Evaluator of the Jordanian educational television programs within the Curriculum Directorate.
-An expert in the field of human rights education, she also contributed to the preparation of human rights education manuals with various local and international NGOs.
- Volunteered with many non-profit organizations working in the fields of education, human rights, women and children.
-Khuzama Al-Rasheed is also a member of the Jordanian Coalition for Education.
- She joined the Raneen team in 2015 as a human rights expert and teacher’s trainer, and participated in the preparation of: Raneen’s Audible Story Guide, an educational tool