About Raneen

It is a non-profit organization aims in creating a comprehensive educational methodology that focuses mainly on developing the listening skills among children in time where visual communication channels have impacted and lessened their communication skills. “Raneen” seeks ambitiously to contribute in the creation and development of a conscious young generation that have the necessary skills in life, especially communication skills, constructive thinking, self-awareness, appreciation, and initiative leadership.
Raneen believes that change commences with education


 Our Goals

  1. Building the capacities of teachers and those working with children and enabling them to invest Raneen’s educational methodologies to create motivating learning and expressive spaces integrated within the classroom and in community centers.
2. Refine listening, dialogue and critical thinking skills among students, children, and young people.
3. Implanting educational values among students, children and young people to improve their behaviors.
4. Enriching Digital Arabic content and promoting self-learning among teachers and those working with children.


 Awards and Honors

 - Raneen was awarded the King Abdullah II Award for Youth Innovation and Achievement in 2009.

- Arab Social innovator Award – Synergos- in 2011.
- Sheikha “Fatima Bint Mubarak” International Prize for Arab Youth for the category of pioneering organizations in supporting youth issues in 2013.
- Ashoka fellowship in 2014.
- Order of Al Hussein for Distinguished Contributions of the Second Class for her voluntary work in 2015
- Takreem Innovation in Education Award in 2015.
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 Change starts with education

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