Raneen is a non-profit organization that produces audio stories for children between 5-16 yo in standard Arabic. It aims at helping children to develop the effective listening and hearing skills and to improve their Arabic language.

Founded in May 2009, after receiving the Kind Abdullah II Award for Youth Innovation and Achievement, Raneen has a team of passionate and dedicated volunteers who are specialized in various fields. Everyone of them believes in Raneen's vision and makes significant efforts to attain this vision.

Our Vision

Establishing the largest audio library for children's stories in Arabic.

Our Goals
1. Encourage and enforce the culture of listening to Arabic stories through:
producing audio material which is both interesting and useful. It should also contain audio effects that suit each targeted age group.
Broadcasting stories on air, so they can reach as many children as possible.
Conducting workshops for teachers and parents on how to use listening as an educational tool and how to encourage children to express themselves through it.

2. Enhance Arab children ability to imagine, think and create.
Expressive art workshops: These workshops include listening in addition to using other forms of art, such as drama, painting and doll making.
The workshops depend on listening to a story and then expressing it through different art forms.
Developing Arab children's writing, listening, presentation, acting and communication skills, to improve school curriculum.

3. Providing blind children with the opportunity to read like other children.

Raneen and Children

Raneen strives to build a longstanding and direct relationship with children, through its website, which provides children with the opportunity to express their opinions on stories, make suggestions for CD's designs, in addition to offer them a platform to come up with their own stories and record their voices. Raneen endeavors to reinforce children's roles in writing stories and give them a voice under Raneen's umbrella.

Send your story to Raneen. Record your voice!

The importance of stories in enhancing children's ability to imagine and create. Imagination and creativity are very essential for any child's emotional and mental intelligence: humans cannot develop any skills without these two integral elements. Stories and storytelling are considered as one of the most important tools that help children imagine, develop essential skills and become creative. A child needs to fly through this magical world of imagination where everything is possible, he needs to spread his wings and train his mind to dream and create, he can only do this in the fascinating world, the world of stories.

Developing and enhancing language skills

Language is one of the most essential ways through which humans express their feelings, emotions and thoughts; it is also one of the most important social tools, especially spoken language. It is our main means of communicating and developing our individual patterns of thought. Therefore, a child needs to develop his linguistic skills and communicative abilities. If a child has an opportunity to develop such skills, this becomes his most essential tool for thinking, reasoning and broadening his mind, thus a child becomes capable of fully expressing himself, not to mention the role it plays in raising his moral and social awareness. Through language, children can enrich their mental, intellectual and linguistic capabilities, and it opens many doors for ingenuity and creative thinking.



Rawan Barakat